Weighted Shoulder Hugger 1.8Kg


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Weighted Shoulder Wrap - 1.8kg

  • Super Soft Minky/Minky Dot Shell;
  • Rectangle pockets to ensure even weight distribution of glass beads;
  • Thin polyester padding for extra comfort;
  • Non-toxic Glass Pellets;
  • Hypoallergenic, odourless and eco friendly;

Weighted shoulder wraps function by applying deep pressure stimulation. This relaxes the nervous system. The pressure can help to calm down and possibly alleviate physical symptoms of anxiety, giving you a feeling of being hugged.

The feeling of being in a warm embrace can lessen our discomfort. That’s exactly why we hug a crying person in order to comfort them. We’ve all experienced a friendly tap on the back, the feeling of support it gives us… A nice neck and shoulder massage can also do the trick.

Weighted shoulder wraps combine and subconsciously remind us of these experiences. This effect enhances the production of serotonin and endorphin, mood regulating hormones which give us more oomph when warding off worries and anxiety.

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