Refreshing Memories welcomes NDIS clients - we'll happily invoice your NDIS Partner Directly!

New! Online NDIS Experience

Similar to the in-store NDIS shopping experience that out clients know and love, we're proud to offer the ability for our online customers to choose and order goods from our website with no up-front payment, and we'll take care of invoicing your plan manager. Once the invoice has been settled, we'll send the goods directly to you!

To shop online as an NDIS client, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account on the Refreshing Memories website, this can be done here! When signing up, make sure to provide your NDIS details.
  2. Browse through our items on the shop and add them to your cart. When checking out, make sure you're logged in to your account, and select 'NDIS invoicing' as the payment method.
  3. We'll create a formal invoice which we'll email to you or your plan manager (depending on which you chose when you register), and once paid, we'll contact you for pick up or send your order directly to you!

In Store NDIS Experience

Come on in to our store at 438a Main North Rd, Blair Athol 5084 and select from our range in our friendly environment. We'll process your sale as an order and then send a formal invoice to either you or your managing agency. Once the invoice is paid, we'll be in touch to arrange pick up/delivery.


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