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Peek behind the curtain and discover how computers work with the innovative Turing Tumble. Named for the father of modern computing, Turing Tumble shows in a very tangible way what happens in a computer when a program runs. Turing Tumble uses a 110-page manga-style storybook manual to spin a tale of a young space explorer. She must repair an unknown planet's central computer so she can return home. Some children will appreciate this extra layer of motivation to power through the challenges provided by the outer space storyline. We found the puzzles themselves compelling enough.


Just like an introductory digital logic course, kids learn about gates, switches, bits, binary counting, and so much more. Turing Tumble builds basic programming skills and teaches the fundamentals of how computers work. Moreover, watching, playing, and tinkering with the outcomes is super fun. The scaffolded Turing Tumble puzzles require both creativity and the development of debugging techniques while fostering logic, critical thinking, and fundamental coding skills. The well-made Turing Tumble arrives in a sturdy box with a molded compartment for storing each component.

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