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Tiny Circuits: Smart Labs is back at it again with this fantastic Tiny Circuits set. This is the tiny version of their very popular and fun Smart Circuits kit that was popular with little scientific minds from all over the world!

The idea behind the Smart Labs Tiny Circuits kit is that it will help children understand the way that circuits work. This set comes with seven wires, two push-button modules, a battery pack module, and best of all a microprocessor. This microprocessor may be tiny, but with this, they can make cool LED light shows, make funny sounds, create little games and take part in 14 different fun and interesting activities. Science is fun and this set is going to help a child see that, all the while getting a better understanding of how circuits work.

Children are going to have a great time using this to make wild and funny sound effects and put on spectacular light shows. While this may be tiny in its size, it is huge in terms of the fun and educational value it provides. Science can be so much fun and giving a child this is a great way to show them just that.

Key Features:

  • This kit is all about STEAM learning

  • Children are going to love making all kinds of circuits

  • They can create funny sounds

  • Making cool little games is possible with this kit!

  • It is a great way to encourage a child to take an interest in science

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