Thinkfun Robot Repair Game

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This is the third in a series of games designed to build the mental skills needed to fully grasp the concept of coding.

Firstly, all of the games are screen-free for a unique, unplugged play experience.

Each of the 40 Robot Repair challenges, has a robot to be fixed.

The Robots have wires that need to be activated by Power Cells.

So by using logical deduction and the clues given, the player must insert the Power Cells correctly and repair the robots.

Thinkfun - Coding Robot Repair Features: 4 Robot Circuit Boards, Booklet with 40 Challenges,

Solution Booklet, 20 True/False Tokens, 9 On/Off Tokens,

10 Power Cell Tokens, Instruction Manual

Skill: Logic and Problem Solving

Age: 8 and Up Players: 1

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