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Adjustable star projector lets you use touch or voice to control it, like clapping your hands.
This star night light projector can enhance a party atmosphere and can also be used as a beautiful night light.
This starry sky projector can create beautiful patterns on the ceiling and make a room calming and beautiful.
It's convenient to use, and it can also flash to music.
This projector light can create many kinds of star cloud shapes to meet your different needs.

Conveniently plugs into your USB for power.


WIFI control through free app.
Material: ABS plastic.
Battery capacity: 2000mAh. (Built-in)
Maximum operating current: 1.5A.
Maximum power: 7.5W.
Projection light source: LED bead lamp.
Working temperature: -20~50℃.
Color: black, white.
Size: 150x145x64mm.
Power input: DC5V, 2A.
USB cable: 1m.
Light wavelength: 515nm.

Package Included:
1x Light Protector.
1x USB cable.
1x User manual

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