Siku Construction Gift Set

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A construction site is fascinating: Here you can observe how people and heavy machinery create something new out of nothing, how they work together perfectly to create individual houses, entire building complexes, bridges or similar. The power and precision of the construction machinery, vehicles and giant machines, which often weigh several tons, impress both young and old spectators alike. Who has to perform which task on the construction site? Which machine does which work? Everything is observed very closely - and then reproduced at home in the children's room on their own construction site. 
The Siku construction site gift set with three of the most important vehicles on the construction site ensures an even more realistic gaming experience: the heavy truck with the large trough for transporting building materials and accessories to and from the site; the forklift truck with its strong tine arms, which seems to effortlessly lift and move even the heaviest loads; and finally the wheel loader, a powerful construction machine with a large shovel, with which he loads and transports building rubble, sand and rock in no time at all. In bright blue Kingfisher Blue Metallic paint, the three construction vehicles show: We are a team and together we can do anything - let's tackle it!

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