Senseez Vibrating Hand Cushion - Lil Turtle - Green

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Discover the world of tactile stimulation and relaxation with the Senseez Vibrating Handheld Massager, lovingly named Lil Turtle. This adorable and compact design is tailor-made for hands-on comfort wherever life might take you.

The compact size of the Lil Turtle, approximately 14 x 7.5cms, fits snugly in your hand, ensuring you have access to instant relaxation at a moment's notice. When given a gentle squeeze, Lil Turtle comes to life with soothing vibrations, offering a sanctuary of calm and aiding in sharpening focus. Furthermore, enhancing the tactile experience is Lil Turtle's soft, textured surface, while the tail provides an extra element to fidget with, ensuring a multi-dimensional sensory experience.

Those who find it challenging to remain seated or calm during daily activities, can benefit immensely from the Lil Turtle. Its vibrations offer a comforting presence, acting as a sensory anchor during tasks like dining, reading, travelling, or even while engrossed in a movie.

Whether it's being used at home, in school, at a restaurant, or just about anywhere, Lil Turtle promises tranquillity. It's compact, effective, and offers the perfect blend of sensory stimulation and relaxation. Embrace the calming embrace of the Lil Turtle and transform moments of unease into ones of peace and focus.

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

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