Rubiks Grid Lock

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Rubik's Gridlock brings an exciting new twist to the iconic Rubik’s Cube, offering a fresh challenge that will test your problem-solving skills, speed, and adaptability. This game draws inspiration from the classic brain teaser, but with a unique approach that will captivate puzzle lovers of all ages.

The game starts when you flip over a challenge card, revealing your puzzle. You'll begin with fixed white starter blocks placed on the board as indicated by the card. The real challenge comes next: you must figure out how to arrange the remaining colourful blocks on the board without altering the position of the starter blocks.

Rubik's Gridlock is designed for those who love puzzles, providing not just one, but 88 unique puzzles that span four levels of difficulty. This makes it a perfect game for anyone looking to challenge themselves or for a fun, competitive play with friends or family.

With its classic puzzle-solving gameplay, Rubik's Gridlock serves as an excellent brain teaser, a handy fidget toy for those who need to keep their hands occupied, or a travel-friendly puzzle that can be enjoyed on the go. Recommended for strategy game enthusiasts and Rubik’s Cube fans aged 7 and up, this game promises hours of engaging and thoughtful fun.

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