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The Roominate rPower add-on is a physical controller that brings your girls' creations to life using the Roominate app from their phone or tablet!

The small power hub can connect with up to 8 circuits simultaneously so your girl can control multiple lights, motors, buzzers, and sensors on their Roominate creations.

rPower is compatible with all Roominate kits and can be incorporated into any Roominate design.

With rPower, your girl can change how fast or slow a merry-go-round spins, move an elevator up or down, drive a car, turn lights on and off in a house, program lights to blink on a giant Ferris wheel, and so much more!

rPower is compatible with all other Roominate products and encourages open-ended play for endless possibilities.

The Roominate rPower set comes with a rPower and 2 cable adapters for compatibility with all Roominate kits.

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