Recycling Magnetic Maze Sorting Game

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Teach your children the importance of recycling and how it helps our planet. With the Recycling Magnetic Sorting Maze Puzzle, your child will learn how to sort their rubbish to make for a better planet for everyone. Each puzzle comes with 5 recycling bins and 25 rubbish tokens that need to be sorted in the correct bin. Guide your rubbish token around the board and place in the correct bin. By putting the rubbish away correctly, you'll encourage your children and educate them on how and what we recycle. Each bin is colour coded to international recycling standards, so your child can learn and do their own recycling in real life. With this fun magnetic maze puzzle board, children learn to develop their problem solving skills, fine motor skills and colours and counting. With bright colours and fun pieces to sort, the recycling magnetic sorting maze puzzle is a great puzzle for young minds to explore and develop. Each of the Recycling Sorting Maze Puzzles has a specially designed stylus that is fixed to the wooden board with string. Magnets are fully housed in the stylus and cannot be removed. We ensure every product meets safety standards so the enclosed magnets are strong enough to move pieces around the board. To move the magnetic tiles around the board, place the tip of the stylus near the edge of the magnetic tile. This is the strongest point for magnetic force, and the tile will move around the board. Placing the tip directly on the centre of the magnetic tile is a weaker point, so the magnetic tile may not moves as easily. Stronger magnets can be a risk to small children, so wave taken care to prevent this. The Recycling Magnetic Sorting Maze Puzzle from Tooky Toy is made from timber and painted in child safe, non toxic paint. The magnetic pieces are enclosed in the timber base with perspex and hidden screws. This Magnetic maze puzzle is perfect for small children wanting to understand colours, sorting and problem solving.

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