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The Rainbow Delta kite is our most popular kite for children. Because of it’s bright rainbow pattern both on the sail and the tail, it really stands out in the sky. Also, it is a great little flyer. It is very easy to put together (it takes about 5 seconds) and is super easy for kids to fly…. just let out string and away it will go.

These small delta designs are very stable in the sky, they will hold a steady spot up in the air in medium and fresh winds long after other kite types have come spinning down. They get this stability because of their long and wide tail, it gives them ‘drag’ and this keep them up and flying.

The Rainbow Delta kite is made with double printed nylon ripstop sailcloth and is framed with 3mm fibreglass rods. These are very, very strong and will last for years and years. Although a small delta, the Rainbow Delta kite is incredibly stable in a wide wind range because of it’s long, wide tail. These long-tail deltas are our biggest selling style of kite.

It’s a great little flyer and is one of our bigger sellers. 

Kite Type:

Delta kites are single string kites for children and they are very well suited to light winds. This is because it has a big sail area which generates lots of ‘lift’ to get the kite up nice and high. Also, to keep deltas nice and steady in the air as the wind picks up, we have long tails on them and these tails give the deltas ‘drag’. This means they will be stable in stronger winds.

A fairly modern design, deltas have only been around for about 80 years, while designs like diamond shapes that go back thousands of years. Kids love flying deltas because they are easy to fly, they fly in light winds and stat up nice and steady in medium winds. 

It’s very easy to assemble, super easy to fly and look great in the sky.

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