Quoll Puppet

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  • Little puppeteers will enjoy hands-on fun with this cute and cuddly Quoll hand puppet.
  • The puppet is a cuddly and soft toy that resembles an iconic Australian animal, featuring brown backs with white spots and cream underbelly, a long snout with a pink nose, big bright eyes and two paws to animate the puppet.
  • The Quoll hand puppet encourages creativity through pretend play and storytelling and develops fine motor skills.
  • The Quoll puppet is recommended for children over 3 years.

About the Quoll

Australia is home to four species of Quoll's. The marsupial carnivore still exists in most mainland states of Australia. However, due to habitat loss and introduced predators such as foxes, their numbers are declining.

Quoll's have bright eyes, a moist pink nose and sharp teeth. They have a pointed snout and a long tail. Their coarse textured fur varies in colour from dark brown to lighter beige with white spots.

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