Planetary Gemstones - Set of Nine Planets

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Introducing Planetary Gemstones, a faithful re-creation of the beautiful planets in our incredible solar system made of gemstones!

Each stunning gemstone has been meticulously hand crafted and polished from nine different high quality gems and minerals.

The designers have worked extremely hard to accurately showcase the unique beauty of each and every planet (including Pluto)!

The final result reveals polished gems that have been matched and cross-referenced with genuine NASA satellite imagery.

This unique planetary gemstones gift is perfect for kids that have a curious mind, allowing them to experience the solar system every day from their desk!

Coming ready to display in a heavy duty cardstock display box, they'll look fantastic on your mantelpiece too. They will stay safe in the gemstones gift box too!

They're perfectly tactile and the pieces are cool to touch (just like marbles), and make a great conversation starter for kids about science & space!

Your set includes all 9 gemstone planets in relative size (Jupiter is the largest and Pluto the smallest) and creates an outer space crystal wonderland.

The planets are represented by the following gemstones and minerals:

  • Mercury: Labradorite, Venus: White Quartz and Earth: Sodalite
  • Mars: Mahogany Obsidian, Jupiter: Tiger's Eye and Saturn: Yellow Calcite
  • Uranus: Amazonite, Neptune: Blue cat's Eye and Pluto: Poppy Jasper

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