Planet xplore Earth Dig Kit

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The PLANET XPLORE EARTH DIG KIT from Kaper Kidz is an exciting way to explore the world of geology and gemstones. The kit comes with an earth-shaped plaster globe that measures approximately 7cm in diameter, which you can dig into to discover five hidden gemstones. The gemstones included in the kit are amethyst, pyrite, coral, green adventuring, and a diamond-shaped stone. The digging process is made easy and fun with the wooden chisel and brush that come with the kit. As you dig out each gemstone, you can also learn more about it and its unique properties. The kit includes a booklet with facts about each stone, so you can discover interesting information as you explore. The PLANET XPLORE EARTH DIG KIT is a perfect way to spark curiosity and exploration in children, while also teaching them about the fascinating world of geology and gemstones. It makes for a great gift for any young scientist or rock collector, and is sure to provide hours of fun and learning.

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