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Organic Science Lab: The creative minds at Smart Lab. This Organic Science Lab is a fantastic science kit that is going to inspire a child and blow their mind with many different fun experiments that they can take part in!


We all hear about how things being “organic” is a good thing, but what does that really mean? With this set and thanks to the principles of STEM learning, children are going to have a much better idea of what it means when something is organic. This set comes with many different pieces of scientific equipment beakers, test tubes, droppers, and more are here to help them conduct different experiments.


Smart Lab knows how important it is for a child to feel engaged and that is what the 40-page journal that comes with this book breaks down each experiment in easy-to-understand steps. Children get to be very hands-on with each experiment as they find out what being organic really means. This is a fantastic and fun way to help a child develop an interest and love for science. Or, if you already know a child who enjoys conducting experiments, they are truly going to be in their element with this.


Key Features:

  • Everything that is part of this set is eco-friendly.

  • It is based on the principles of STEM learning.

  • Children will have fun conducting many different experiments.

  • This is a wonderful way to help a child see how cool science can be.

  • It comes with some fun-to-use pieces of scientific equipment.

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