Orangutan Puppet

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  • The beautifully handcrafted Orangutan puppet from Hansa Creation will offer plenty of fun and entertainment for puppeteers.
  • The puppet is a cuddly and soft toy with realistic features that resemble the iconic ape, featuring brown hair, and adorable facial features, big bright eyes and arms to animate the puppet.
  • The Orangutan hand puppet encourages creativity through pretend play and storytelling and develops fine motor skills.
  • The Orangutan puppet is recommended for children over 3 years.

About the Orangutan

The orangutan lives only on the island of Borneo and in the northern corner of the island of Sumatra. Males are about 137 cm tall and females are about 115 cm in height. Half of the orangutan's diet consist of fruit, but these animals also eat young leaves, soft inner bark, termites and eggs. The gestation period is under 9 months and females give birth to a single infant about once every 4 to 8 years.

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