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15 million years ago, a meteorite about a kilometer in size, flying through the atmosphere
at 20 km per second and an angle of 35 degrees fell on the German city of Nördlingen (between Nuremberg and Stuttgart), leaving a crater 24 km (dubbed Ries). Due to the extremely high temperature and pressures when the blast occurred, a fusion of the meteorite and surrounding terrestrial rocks ending up splashing into the glassy materials in South Bohemia and Moravia thus giving birth to Moldavite. The Holy Grail is said to be carved out of a green stone that fell from Satan's crown as he descended from Heaven to Hell. Popular legend has long claimed this stone to be an emerald. It has recently been proposed that the Holy Grail may have been carved from moldavite, using the stone falling from Satan's crown as a metaphor for the green stone falling from the sky.

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