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The MinSpace Wonder Gyroscope is the coolest pocket-size version of a balancing gyroscope! 

The Mini Space Wonder Gyroscope is a smaller version of the rotating device! It challenges the force of gravity by remaining balanced in any position and is powered by the pull cord included with the pack.

Once spinning, you will experience the amazing self-regulating/balancing properties of the gyroscope - you can spin it on your finger, a pencil, or a tight rope. Where else could you perform awesome balancing tricks?

One thing's for sure - no one will believe what they're seeing until they give it a whirl themselves.

How it is Used:

  1. Thread a loop of the cord into the hole in the axle of the gyroscope. 
  2. Turn the axle until the cord is almost completely wound around it. 
  3. Hold the gyroscope as shown on the back instructions and pull the cord.

Assorted colours are Yellow, Red, Blue & Green (selected at random)

You can take this spectacular pocket-sized device with you anywhere, and stay entertained for hours! It's the perfect fidget device addition.

Heaps of spinning fun for ages 5 and up and a great gift for anyone - adults and children alike!

Unleash the Mini Space Wonder Gyroscope and watch the balancing phenomena begin!

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