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If all of the numbers and number sentences are matched correctly, you will see a colourful picture for every puzzle.


To reinforce the skills of multiplication and division.


  • 3 play boards
  • 3 x 25 piece puzzles
  • A dice


  • Each player gets on play board and a matching puzzle.
  • Ask each player to separate puzzle pieces and put them picture side down in front of them in a pile.
  • The first player to roll a 3 starts.
  • The first player who puts all of their puzzle pieces on the play board correctly is the winner.

How to play:

  • Take turns rolling the dice. The number you roll will tell you how many puzzle pieces you may put on the board. If you spin a 3, you may lose that turn.
  • Read aloud the number or number sentence on your puzzle piece. If there is a number sentence solve it and put your puzzle piece on the answer with picture side up.
  • If there is a number on your piece, find the number sentence on the board which that number completes. Put your puzzle piece on that number sentence with picture side up.
  • The first player to have no puzzle pieces left is the winner.
  • If all the numbers and number sentences of all the puzzles are matched correctly, you will see 3 different colour pictures.

Note: If one player wins, don’t stop the play – let everyone finish the puzzle so that everyone can continue learning.

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