Magnetic Counting Fruit Ball Maze Tree

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Explore the world of problem-solving, fine motor skills, colours, and counting with the Magnetic Counting Ball Maze Fruit Tree from Tooky Toy. This captivating bead maze takes learning to a whole new level by combining tactile fun with educational value. The magnetic stylus becomes your guiding wand as you manoeuvre the colourful beads along the maze, ensuring they find their rightful place on the vibrant fruit tree. This engaging activity not only enhances problem-solving skills but also fine-tunes motor skills, making it a perfect choice for young learners. As kids navigate the maze, they'll discover the delightful intersection of colours and numbers, providing a comprehensive learning experience. The Magnetic Counting Ball Maze Fruit Tree is more than just a toy, its a dynamic tool that encourages exploration, creativity, and cognitive development in a playful way. Crafted with the highest quality standards and safety in mind, this maze is a wonderful addition to any young minds developmental journey. Its a fantastic way for kids to immerse themselves in the world of learning while having a blast with their magnetic stylus, beads, and the delightful fruit tree maze.

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