Magic Cube Snake Puzzle Small

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The puzzle, in essence, has an interesting but relatively simple mechanism. The puzzle has 24 3D right-angled triangles, which each can be turned 360 degrees around the face of its adjacent triangle. This creates 23 individual turning points, each with 4 separate positions. Therefore, the number of combinations that a Rubik’s Snake possesses theoretically is 4^23, or 70 quadrillions. However, upon playing around with the Rubik’s Snake, one will soon see that not all of these combinations are reachable, as some turns are physically blocked from being made by the locations of other pieces.

The Rubik’s Snake doesn’t have anyone solved state, although if there were one, it would be the ball shape. The ball solution is how the puzzle is initially shipped, and due to regular Rubik’s Cubes being shipped solved, this would be a reasonable assumption to make. Since the ball solution is one of the hardest to solve intuitively based on a glance (some simpler 2D-esque shapes such as the Dog shape are much simpler to visualise and construct), here we will quickly go over a very basic way to construct the ball shape and “solve” the Rubik’s Snake. Make sure to start with your puzzle extended out in a straight line before you start this.

Show off your creative capabilities with the Magic Cube Snake Puzzle! Make thousands of different objects by twisting the triangular bricks into different positions and combinations.

Make a turtle, dog, frog, cat, snowflake, bird, ball and much more! Each Magic Cube Snake Puzzle comes with a picture sheet with 32 examples of things you can make. Master all of these then invent your own. This toy is perfect for travel or road trips.

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