Led Light Wand

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There is no wand more magical than this! Great for discos, parties, raves, camping, firework displays, festivals, night time activities or just for attracting attention.

This is a brilliant toy for sensory seekers, they can use it in one of our Airforts, or in the dark, bedroom or outside. Perfect for when you go out at night for cracker night, or even a nice walk. You wont loose the kids with this toy around.

It has a handy wrist rope so they can keep it handy. Hold a rainbow in your hands and watch as the colourful lights spread their luminous glow throughout the room in a sequence of magical patterns. Press yellow button to turn on. Push yellow button again to move to the first pattern and so on. Each press of the yellow button will start the next light sequence. Your torch has 7 sequences in total (1 solid on and 6 flashing patterns). The last press of the yellow button will turn the wand off.

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