Incredible Vacuum Chamber

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Entering the fascinating world of science: help your budding scientist explore the principles of physics and chemistry with The Incredible Vacuum Chamber, specially designed for curious boys and girls 8 years old or more.


Unlocking the mysteries of air pressure: The air extraction tube in the vacuum pot introduces young scientists to the amazing science world, The fun way. Children play, while honing their observation and patience skills.


Kids learn through 20 mind-blowing experiments: watch your kids have the fun of their lives blowing up a balloon inside the chamber, making marshmallows expand and performing tricks in the comfort of their room. Thrill a lucky child: original, creative and made with quality materials, this little lab kit makes an Excellent gifting idea for all occasions.


Offer it as a kids birthday, Christmas or holiday gift and impress a loved child. Breath-taking fun for the whole gang: ideal for sleepovers, birthday parties, playdates, rainy Sunday Afternoons or family game nights, our vacuum chamber science kit for kids will become an instant hit!

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