Gravitrax GO Flexible

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GO Flexible is made for beginners to get to know the GraviTrax universe - just unpack and get started. Can be combined with all GraviTrax products.

GraviTrax GO contains everything for an easy and uncomplicated entry into the GraviTrax universe. Thanks to the included instructions as well as the additional tasks, creative building is introduced in a playful way. In this way, the endless possibilities of GraviTrax can be explored with lots of fun and action. The included Action-Elements also provide new ideas and creative tracks.

GraviTrax is a flexibly expandable, interactive marble run system for children aged 8 and up: With GraviTrax, children, teenagers and adults don't just build simple marble tracks. They create unique marble track worlds. By freely designing the marble tracks and exploring the rolling behavior of the marbles, the understanding of science is sharpened and gravity can be experienced first-hand. The GraviTrax universe includes three exciting lines - CORE, PRO and POWER. All GraviTrax lines and products can be freely combined with each other. Countless Extensions with classic building elements or stones that allow special action and tricks, the GraviTrax universe can be infinitely expanded. So everyone can tinker, try out and build beyond themselves.

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