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Create a rainbow and bend light with the  Glass Prism!

Put the prism in your window with direct sunlight, move it to bend the light and create beautiful rainbows in your room! 

This Glass Prism is made using optical glass and re-creates the classic experiment that demonstrates that white light is made up of the colours of the rainbow. This is known as a spectrum.

The great scientist Sir Isaac Newton was the first to prove that white light was in fact made up of different colours back in the 17th century. He used a glass prism like this one in his experiments.

How does it Work?

When sunlight passes through a glass prism, it gets bent or refracted. Each wavelength of light within bends at a slightly different angle so that the beam is spread out as it passes through the prism to be displayed on the other side as a spectrum of colours. The spreading out of the beam of light is known as dispersion.

Suitable for ages 10 and up.

Walk in the steps of scientific greatness and create beautiful rainbows in your room with this wonderful Glass Prism!

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