Gao-Guenie Meteorite

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Weight - 2.7 grams
Features - Orientated
TKW - 1000kg
Gao-Guenie is a H5 ordinary chondrite meteorite that fell on Burkina Faso, West Africa, on March 5, 1960. The fall was composed of a large number of fragments and it is one of the
largest observed meteorite showers in Africa.
"Ordinary chondrites" are a class of stony chondritic meteorites. They are by far the most numerous group and comprise about 87% of all finds. Hence, they have been dubbed "ordinary". The ordinary chondrites are thought to have originated from three parent asteroids, with the fragments making up the H chondrite, L chondrite and LL chondrite groups respectively.
  • The H chondrites have the Highest total iron, high metal, but lower iron oxide (Fa) in the silicates.
  • The L chondrites have Lower total iron, lower metal, but higher iron oxide (Fa) in the silicates.
  • The LL chondrites have Low total iron and Low metal, but the highest iron oxide content (Fa) in the

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