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Explore the world of fractions and shapes with the Fraction Puzzle from Tooky Toy. This educational wooden puzzle includes a wooden tray base and five different shapes, square, circle, triangle, pentagon, and hexagon, each divided into fractions for matching.

Encourage visual understanding of math concepts as children match colors, shapes, and fractions on the puzzle board. The square is divided into quarters, the triangle into thirds, and the pentagon into fifths, providing a hands on learning experience.

In addition to teaching children about shapes and fractions, the Fraction Puzzle from Tooky Toy promotes problem solving skills and spatial awareness. As children manipulate the puzzle pieces to match shapes and fractions, they develop critical thinking abilities and learn how different fractions relate to each shapes whole. This hands-on activity encourages logical reasoning and strengthens early math skills in a fun and interactive way.

Crafted from timber and painted with child-safe, non-toxic paint, this puzzle set is both educational and safe for children to enjoy. Enhance math skills and cognitive development while having fun with this bright and engaging educational toy from Tooky Toy.

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