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GLIDER – GIANT FOAM GLIDER PLANE – 37cm: Environmental Protection Material foam aircraft selected top quality EPP foam, soft foam aeroplane made of EPP high-polymer material, new environmentally new material, lightweight, good elasticity, impact resistance, non-toxic. The piece of Airplane delivered will be single quantity, although we have a variety of colours available, the colour will be delivered on the basis of availability of stock.


Multiple Modes – When the “Gliding Mode” is on top, it is the sliding mode; when the “Gyrant Mode” is on top, the plane will circle in the sky, it depends on the installation position of the tail. And when you throw the foam aircraft reversal, it will be “Reverse Mode”, which is interesting.


Fun and Educational – hand launch glider plane consists of the fuselage and two wings, easy to assemble and disassemble, inspire kid’s DIY interest and ability, also a great chance for kids to cooperate with their friends. Helps your kids spend a wonderful time.


Best Gift – Perfect for kid’s gift, like Christmas gift/ birthday gift/ children’s day gift, etc. let the foam aircraft flying in the open area, such as sand beach, snow land, grasslands. get away from the computer and gaming room, playing with children helps promote parent-child relationships.


Glider – Giant Foam Glider Plane – 37CM: Good for kids’ health – Outdoor sports are good for children’ health. Just give kids a chance for throwing these glider planes, they will get away from the computer, television, play with them in your playroom or outside for hours. Kids will learn how to launch and control the aeroplane toys, help their little ones develop coordination, critical thinking skills in a practical way, will also improve their hand-eye combination, coordination, observation and sense of direction.


Eco-friendly material, easy to install – These aeroplane toys are made of EPP high-polymer material, lightweight, good flexibility, impact resistance. Product tested safe for kids. Will not harm your kids, even if the plane hits them during landing. Easy to assemble – Don’t need a battery, just insert the wing and tail to the right place, you will be allowed to enjoy the game immediately.


For All Age – Not only for kids, but the whole family can also enjoy happy hours in an open area such as the backyard, sand beach, grasslands, yard, front door, park and other places. Helps promote parent-child relationships. 2 pieces of foam inertia aerobatic aeroplanes included, allow children to race together. Which will encourage kids to share and negotiate, let them learn about the friendly competition while playing.


Recommended Age

Age:  6

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