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EscapeWelt, the creator of mini escape rooms, presents a new format of 3D Puzzle Game Space Box, a wooden 3D puzzle. Assemble all the pieces with your loved ones without leaving home! Thrilling and intricate experience await you. 3D Puzzle Game Space Box is designed by experienced engineers who have developed unique puzzles and multi-level challenges. We don't promise it will be easy. But we guarantee you will never get bored with it!

The Legend: The year is 3143. After extensive research, scientists have finally discovered another habitable planet in our universe — the planet X63Z. Meet astronaut Bubu! He was sent on a top-secret mission to study this discovery to collect soil samples from the planet and deliver them to Earth. The journey was long and tiring, but after 39 years, our brave astronaut Bubu could finally collect important samples. And, it would seem, the salvation of mankind was so close! But… Bubu is stuck in an infinite universe. The asteroid crashed mercilessly, damaging the spacecraft's fuel cells and… Bubu sends a distress call to Earth. And this means only one thing — now you must save Bubu and humanity. But be careful! The spacecraft is equipped with the latest security systems. Use your logical thinking and unlock the spaceship in less than 60 minutes to get Bubu and his valuable samples to safety. Are you ready? The clock is ticking!

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