Escapewelt Secret Gift Box

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The Secret Box Escape Box is a creative and innovative way to package a special gift for your loved one!

Watch in anticipation as your recipient tries to open their gift, only to find out that they have to crack the code first!

It's sure to be an unwrapping experience to be remembered, with plenty of space to write a note or draw something on the sides!

There's space on the inside too, so you can write a personal congratulations or paste special photos before inserting your gift.

Now it's time to take the lock, set the fixed code and lock your box! To figure out the lock, pay attention to the symbols on the box...

Can your loved one crack the code and find the order of the numbers on the lock? There's a QR code with tips if they get stuck!

It's the perfect way to store cash, jewellery or a concert ticket with a little extra puzzling birthday surprise on the side!

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