Chicken Lifecycle 4 layers Puzzle Board

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Introducing the captivating 4 Layer Chicken Life Cycle Wooden Puzzle from Kaper Kids, a delightful blend of education and entertainment designed to engage young minds in a world of natural wonder. This meticulously crafted puzzle invites toddlers on an enchanting journey through the enchanting transformation of a chickens life, encouraging curiosity, problem-solving skills, and an appreciation for the marvels of nature. Crafted with care and precision, the puzzle features four distinct layers, each unveiling a different stage in the life of a chicken. Starting with the humble egg, children can peel back the layers to reveal the awe-inspiring progression of the life cycle: from the delicate hatching process, to the adorable chick, and finally to the graceful grown hen. As young explorers move up through the layers, they encounter increasingly intricate puzzles to solve, offering a gentle yet stimulating challenge that grows alongside their cognitive abilities. Meticulously painted with child-safe, non-toxic colours, this wooden puzzle is a visual treat that captures attention and imagination. The use of high-quality plywood ensures durability, allowing for hours of interactive learning and play.

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