Camel Donga Euc-M Meteorite

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* Actual Sample Pictured

Stony Meteorite Achondrite

Western Australia

 Specimen Weight: 2.51g

Dimensions: 15.6x11.2x11.4mm max.

The first 503 g specimen was discovered by Mrs. J.C.
Campbell in January 1984 whilst driving cross-country.
Camel Donga 's strewn fieldmeasures approx. 8 x 2.5 km.
The Camel Donga AEUC-M meteorite is a product of
fractional crystallization within a magma source, and
contains an unusual high amount of metallic iron of 2 %.
This calcium-rich meteorite has produced a highly blackish
and shiny fusion crust with radial flow lines and melt
overflow lipping. It's pristine condition is evidence that the
meteorite must have fallen only recently. The main compo-
nent of this meteorite is a basalt which was rapidly cooled
by extrusion to the surface of its parent body, assumed to be the Asteroid Vesta.

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