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Pustefix Bubble Rocket | Bubble Making Set is bursting with all kinds of fun you can have with a bubble blast off! This amazing bubble making set is bound to inspire an afternoon of wonderment and learning, as adults and kids alike, step on the airbag and witness the rocket take a bubble powered journey! 

A great afternoon at the park or out-of-classroom activity to engage kids in scientific learning, as they explore the principals around why bubbles enclose the largest volume possible with the smallest surface area possible? Why do they assume a spherical shape? And when stretched as thin soap film, foam or multi-bubbles between wire frames or plates, how can various geometrical forms or hybrid forms be created?

Scientists dealing with bionics - an interdisciplinary scientific field that combines findings from biology, engineering, architecture and mathematics – aim to apply the learned scientific principals from bubbles to their ongoing research and development, making bubbles a wonderful STEM Activity. 

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