Bilby Puppet 35cm

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  • The beautifully handcrafted Bilby puppet from Hansa Creation will offer plenty of fun and entertainment for puppeteers.
  • The puppet is a cuddly and soft toy with realistic features that resemble the iconic Australian animal, featuring blue grey fur, a long tail, long ears, and the adorable facial features with big bright eyes and two paws to animate the puppet.
  • The Bilby hand puppet encourages creativity through pretend play and storytelling and develops fine motor skills.
  • The Bilby puppet is recommended for children over 3 years.

About the Bilby

Full name is Macroft Lagotis. Male size is 29 - 55 cm, female is smaller than the male. Located in Queensland and in Northern territory. It has long rabbit ears, which are finely furred and has soft blue grey fur and white fur on its belly. It has a long snout and black and white tail. The Bilby's diet consists of insects, larvae, seeds, bulbs, fruits and fungi.

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