Acheuean Hand Axe

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This hand axe predates modern humans. (Homo sapiens) Created by a species of hominin over 700,000 years before the existence of modern man. It was surface collected from an exposed Lower Paleolithic Acheulian site in the Sahara Desert of North Africa.

Made by Homo erectus the hand axe would have been used to hunt and process game. Their production requires both long term planning, forethought, adaptability and understanding of the material to achieve the desired end result.  This axe is evidence of an important development in the history of human evolution, as this more advanced form of stone tool production indicates a leap forward in cognitive abilities.

Biface Hand Axe with ancient damage to the cutting edge and evidence of “desert varnish” from surface erosion over 1000’s of years.


170mm x 110mm x 45mm mounted on stone plaque 290mm x 190mm


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