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This classic Sonic Spinner Toy is an exciting activity for kids who love the thrill of flashing lights and whirring sounds!

Use both hands to tension the light-weight strings, then spin them like a skipping rope to wind-up the disk in the middle.

Give the string a pull to set your cool toy spinner in action, letting it spin rapidly as it unwinds! As it spins, the motion-activated LED's will flash brightly!

It's an easy to use kids toy spinner that looks fantastic in the dark. As it builds up speed, listen as it lets out an eerie whirring sound as it cuts through the air!

Directions for use:

  1. To make the disk spin, loop de loop the disk around and around to twist up the string.
  2. Then, move your hands apart and back towards each other again to unwind and then re-wind the twists in the string.
  3. Practice a few times until you're able to go really fast, building up incredible rotational spinning speed!

Sonic Spinners are available in 3 assorted colours (pink, yellow and green) - colour will be chosen at random.

Recommended for ages 7 and up. Simple and ultra high speed fun that requires your full focus!

The batteries that operate the long-lasting LED's are non-replaceable.

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